Lash Extensions

Look around. Nowadays there are so many methods  to choose from for beautiful lashes. However nothing seems to compare to lash extensions. Many are tossing their mascara away and  saying good bye to clumps, smears and  flaking lashes. Lash extensions are truly a revolutionary  option that provides  longer, fuller,  natural looking eyelashes, and the best part is that they are nearly undetectable. Unlike traditional artificial strip lashes and magnetic lashes, lash extensions are weightless and applied one by one to your own individual eyelashes so they look, act and feel just like your own. 




What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are single or multiple (Volume Lashes) strands of synthetic "hair" that is designed to replicate a natural lash. Along with a specially formulated bonding agent, they are applied one by one to your own natural eyelash to create longer, fuller eyelashes. When eyelash extensions are properly applied  they look and feel completely natural. You can look at before and after  photos in the gallery.

Will it hurt to get lash extensions?

No, you lie comfortably  on a cozy massage table, eyes closed....relaxed. Most clients nap while getting their extensions.

How long will it take to get a new set of Eyelash extensions?

In order for your eyelash extensions to look and feel their best each lash extension will be attached with careful and tedious precision to your own natural eyelash. Depending on the desired fullness of your lashes, a new set of lash extensions will take from 1.5-2 hours. 

How long will they last?

When eyelash extensions are applied and cared for properly they will last the length of the natural growth and shedding process of the natural lash that they are attached to. Some lashes could remain attached for up to 8 weeks, although to keep your lashes looking their best, touch ups are required about every 2-3 weeks.

How do i maintain my lash extensions?

The best way to maintain your new lashes is to get your touch ups every 2-3 weeks. If you wait too long  between visits your lash extensions will all shed and you will require a new set of lashes. Your natural lashes shed 2-6 lashes daily and new growth will follow. Keeping your eyelash extensions free of oils from eye make up removers, cleansers and moisturizers will also help to maintain the adhesive bond of the extension. It is essential to wash your lashes everyday with a specialized lash wash to keep them clean and your eye lid healthy. Touch up sessions take about 45, 75 to 90 minutes. 

Can I get my eyelash extensions wet? Can I swim and exercise?

Lash extension adhesive takes about 6 hours to fully dry.  Once they are completely bonded the extensions are water proof allowing you to shower, swim and exercise.  

Can I use mascara and an eyelash curler on my lash extensions?

You must never use a crimp eyelash curler on lash extensions. The curler will damage the lash extension and perhaps pull out your natural eyelash! Although you really wont need mascara since the lash extensions give the illusion of wearing mascara,  It is OK to use only non water proof mascara on lash extensions and only on the tips of the lash extensions. When removing mascara you must be very gentle and use only oil free make up remover.  New clients receive their first bottle of lash wash free with their lash set.  I also stock it for purchase.

How do I choose the style and design (length and fullness) of lash extensions that I want?

Lash extensions are available in a variety of lengths, thickness and color. Before we begin the lash session, we will talk about your own personal style and the desired outcome. Keep in mind that eyelash extensions are attached to your own natural healthy, strong lashes. Clients with short and thinner natural lashes will not be able to achieve the same fullness or dramatic look as someone with fuller, thicker natural lashes. I will consider your desired look and then examine your natural lashes  to choose the best shape, length and thickness for you and what your natural lashes can hold while still maintaining natural lash health.

May I bring friends or my children to my lash appointments?


The application of eyelash extensions is tedious and potentially dangerous work outside of the proper environment. During your lash service I will be using an adhesive and pointed tweezers around the eye area. Solitude and stillness are the best environment for accurate and safe results. Therefore I do not permit children under the age of 10  in the treatment room. Adult guests are welcome to wait in our comfy waiting lounge. Children under 12 must be attended by an adult in the waiting lounge.