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The process of restoring the function of your skin isn't complicated, in fact it's simple!  Immediate and sustainable results are the basis of 302 Professional Skincare products which are used in my treatments and home care. Say bye-bye to tedious  skincare  regimes  and  be prepared  to love your  reflection  in  the  mirror!  
The facial is a great start for noticeable improvements in your skin! Each facial, treatments and protocols, are customized to meet your individual skin type and special skincare needs. However the most dramatic improvment's in skin come with good daily home care that consists of 'clean' products free from harsh chemical that can irritate skin. Each new Custom Facial includes a simple 302 Professional Skin Care regimen kit to use at home so your skin will continue to heal, looking more radiant each day!
Adolescent Facials $110

Includes consultation, skin condition analysis and home care restoration kit for acne.

Follow up facials $90

If you have teens at home then the picture to the left probably looks familiar to you. Adolescence can bring about skin problems which can be emotionally challenging for kids. Most teens will experience oily skin and varying degrees of acne and blemishes. Using harsh acne products and covering blemished skin with make up is only making the issue worse! I can help teens with their troubled skin. Quit the battle for smooth, even skin . Believe it or not, clearing up the skin and keeping that way is simple....I will show you how!

Custom Facial $110


Includes consultation,  skin analysis and custom home care kit

Follow up facials are $90 

Your custom facial will include a thorough deep cleansing, exfoliation, skin condition analysis and gentle extractions to release pore build up along with appropriate treatments, masque, moisturizer and mineral sunscreen. Your facial is customized to address your individual skin condition. So whether its acne or anti aging that you seek help with, your facial is designed for you! Each facial includes relaxing aromatherapy  along with face, shoulder and neck massage.

A facial is a great start to helping your skin look and feel its best! Sustainable results begin with what you do at home on a daily basis. High quality, "clean" skincare, free of harsh chemicals, are important for healthy skin. To start you in a great direction, your first facial with me  always includes a 302 Professional Skincare starter kit! 


Gentleman’s Facial $90

Initial facial with consultation/analysis

Follow up facials $75


A specially formulated facial for the distinct needs of a mans skin. This deep pore cleansing facial includes soothing eucalyptus and lemongrass aroma-therapy steam  towel  treatments  to  soften  and remove  debris and  build up  buried deep inside the  pores  along  with  a deep cleanse,  refreshing exfoliation using  plant  based  enzyme  exfoliates,  followed with  a  conditioning masque  treatment. The facial concludes with a vitamin rich serum, SPF and  a deep neck, shoulder and scalp massage for total relaxation!

Waxing for Women


Face                $35 ( jawline, lip and chin)
Lip                   $10
Chin                $10
New Brow Design $35  (design, wax/trim)
Brow Tidy      $20
Underarms    $25
Waxing for Men


Full back        $35-$65
Half back       $35
Shoulders      $25
Ears                $15
Nostrils         $10
Brow  tidy     $20