302 Professional Skin Care Products

302 Professional Skincare was developed as a result of a chance discovery during an ethno-botanical survey project in a rain forest community in the highlands of Guatemala.  The skin of the indigenous people in the community exhibited remarkable resilience and texture which was attributed to a diet very high in a particular species of avocados found only in this rain forest.

Determined to bring this remarkable discovery to the United States, Richard Huber, founder of 302 spent more than 20 years developing and perfecting 302 Professional Skincare.  This unique, highly effective line is now available in spas throughout the U.S. and abroad.  


302 / AVOGEN®

The central skin-active compound in the line - 302/Avogen® - represents a new class of compounds derived from avocado.  It is a light yellow liquid that requires thousands and thousands of pounds of fruit to obtain even a liter of the precious 302/Avogen®. This non-acid molecule helps reverse the visible effects of chronologic and sun aging in a whole new way.  


Unlike the majority of skincare lines that are based on an inflammatory model of injuring and then repairing the skin, 302 functions as a metabolic model.  It deals with the core issue of the skin’s decline: a poor and malfunctioning metabolism.  302 optimizes metabolic response by providing energy to the cell naturally and continuously.  It does this by inducing large increases in skin glucose that is the energy source for natural and sustained protein synthesis. Skin glucose is poorly available in aged skin.

Additionally, the 302 molecule demonstrates unique skin re-texturing properties by reducing the formation of overly cross-linked proteins that predominate in aging skin, while at the same time boosting natural immune system defenses. The result is a healthier, more natural looking skin that functions at optimum metabolism, the way it did when it was young. The resulting 302 model defines a wholly new approach, unique in skincare.  Moreover, the company has integrated its advanced topical technology with safe intervention procedures and proven nutrition practices to deliver radiant and healthy skin.  


302 cellular energy delivers results that continue to build with sustained protein growth and optimum cell functions.  With on-going use, the skin continues to reap a plethora of benefits including:

  • Wrinkle reduction and elimination

  • Normalizing of acne and rosacea prone skin

  • Even skin tone

  • Reduced pigmentation and other actinic blotches

  • Improved turgor and plumpness

  • Noticeable improvement in skin texture and resilience to the environment


302 products are offered in as pure and natural a state as possible.  They are formulated with other natural and organic ingredients, and mixed in recyclable containers, often without any external heat in order to maintain a small carbon footprint.  Many of the products have no added preservatives and those that do are eco-friendly, non-estrogenic and non-irritating.  

The company has its own processing and purification facilities to ensure quality control.  302 provides safe, clinically tested dermatologist approved products with only limited availability.  Nearly ten tons of fruit yields only a liter of 302 from the renewable resource of these remarkable and genetically resilient avocado trees.

​Healthy, radiant skin is so simple!  Skin, just like hair, can become tired, dull and lifeless when it is "over processed" with products that are overwhelming its ability to function. 302 professional skin care has been my personal choice for keeping my own  skin looking great so I trust that 302 will take wonderful care of my clients skin as well.

The 302 company is committed to Estheticians who choose to offer their clients "clean", organic professional skin care.  302's extraordinary capabilities in improving the visible effects of aging, inflammation  uneven pigmentation and acne mean not only amazing improvements in skin quality, but most importantly, keep it that way! I stand behind every product that I use and sell. You will love 302 professional Skin Care Products. I guarantee it!