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I am not currently booking in new clients for lash extension sets. I hope to be able to open appointments again by June. Check back then!




The Medium Set 

This is our most popular  set of extensions. The results will be full and natural looking. Designed to enhance and accentuate the natural beauty and shape of your eyes without being "too much". A great way to increase definition, lash fullness and length.

The Heavy Set

A  great set for those who like their lashes more dramatic! This set is very full and has a beautiful velvety look. These lashes will add richness, length and fullness to your lashes but are still soft and very natural looking.
Mens Lashes
Men enjoy having beautiful eyes too!   Male lash extensions are very subtle and usually consist of fine, dark brown extensions so that they look very natural and undetectable. The only thing they will notice are your gorgeous eyes!
Custom sets ranging from $99 - $195


Lash Touch-ups 


Touch ups 
This service is to replace extentions which have shed or grown out. The procedure takes about an hour or more and should be done every 2-4 weeks to maintain full and beautiful lash extensions. If a touch up has not been done for over 4 weeks, or If 50 % or more of your lashes have been shed then the session will be considered a new set of lash extensions and will be charged according to the sets above depending on what is needed to recreate the original set.
Touch ups are performed in time blocks. When scheduling your touch up please be realistic about the time needed to restore your extentions to fullness.  For example, if it has been 4 weeks since your last touch up a "LITE" touch up will leave you unsatisfied with the results. 
45 minutes LITE FILL IN            $65
75 minutes MEDIUM FILL IN   $85
90 minutes HEAVY FILL IN       $110

​Lash ER! Eyelash Extension Removal

If you received eyelashes from us and have an allergic reaction the lash removal procedure will  be done  FREE of cost. All other lash removals, which where performed by another lash stylist will run approximately  $45
Please understand that I only offer  touch ups on my own work or the work of other stylists whos work I am familar with.


Lash Lift  


Lash Lift is a simple and easy way to bring  your natural lashes to life! While you relax, we perform a special curling procedure which is specially designed just for eyelashes so you can rest assured that it is safe and effective for adding  curl to your natural lashes. This procedure will last for up to
4-6 weeks, depending on how fast your natural lashes grow. Please contact Tracey for more details. We do not offer any tinting services.
Lash Lift  $65