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All skin care products are about the same......right? 

Let’s explore this question in more detail.  First of all, there is a great variance between a professional skin care product and the products that can be purchased at department stores, specialty skin and body care shops, drug stores and multi-level product distributors.

A product that is developed to be used and sold by a licensed professional (i.e. Esthetician, Cosmetologist etc) may contain higher levels of the active ingredients than those NOT sold by someone who can provide licensed instruction for that product. This is not to say that products that are sold over the counter are not good products, some are good products. However, you are  likely to get a more highly active, results oriented product, and get what you pay for, when purchasing “professional only” skin and body care products.

The function of many skin and body care products is to “affect” the epidermal layers of the skin. This is the most superficial layer of skin that we see when we look in the mirror. Believe it or not, this particular layer of skin actually has somewhat of a clear quality to it and the color and tone that you see are the deeper layers of the skin showing through. The surface of the skin is mostly made up of dead skin cells in various stages towards the shedding process. Products that hydrate, nourish, exfoliate and therefore plump this layer of skin give the appearance that the skin is smoother, younger and more youthful, and it is... temporarily. The truth of  great looking, healthy and youthful skin lies in the deeper layers. This is the “live” layer of the skin that contains blood flow and collagen. When we expose our skin to sun, harmful and irritating products, inflamatory diet, cigarette smoke, stress and environmental pollutants, we slowly breakdown and damage the dermal layers of the skin. This damage starts to become more apparent as we age.

A good skin care product requires  careful science and quality in order to contains small enough ingredients  that can actually be taken deep into the cells of skin where they can make more dramatic and permanent changes to the skin. In order for a molecule to enter the skin cells it must carry a small enough molecular weight. Most of the actives in skin care products,  which claim to "deeply penetrate", are not actually reaching the area of the cells that will effect dramatic change . Those products that are not built to enter into the cells of the skin are simply washed down the drain without much of a long-term effect. In order to increase profits, many products are filled with cheap, abundant man made chemicals that do little for the skins health and in fact, cause more irritation and imbalance as they are used.

Gentle, clean and organic, results oriented, professional skin care is my promise to you. The product lines that I use are developed with the utmost attention and integrity to purity, which are free of chemical irritants, artificial additives, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, dyes, and synthetic fragrances.  With high quality levels of active ingredients small enough to enter the cells of your skin for dramatic and sustainable results. The  products I use “communicate” with your skin and work with its natural ability to heal.  Just like a strong and healthy body , happy healthy skin is " fit" and well functioning. What this means to you is beautiful, radiant skin! 


I have remained professionally dedicated to using 302 Professional Skin care sine 2006. Personally I have witnessed healthier, happier and more radiant skin and my clients results are off the charts! I cant imagine ever using anything else. The line is afforable and very simple to use. Take a look for yourself to see what 302 Professional Skin Care is all about and why it is so diffrent then other professional lines.